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Various reasons like the attorney fee, distrust in lawyers, and wanting to be in control of your situation could drive you to consider representing yourself in a personal injury claim. In most instances, the people who decide to represent themselves end up little or no compensation at all. Here are the disadvantage of representing yourself and the reason you should hire Georgia personal injury lawyer. Check out to get started.


Not being taken seriously


When you choose to handle your case, no matter how valid your reasons are, the court and representatives from the other side will assume that you could not find a lawyer to take you case. Thus, this will lead to you not being taken seriously. The worst part is that you will not be given a platform to express your reasons for not having a representative.


You are the on who will be carrying the burden of proof


Numerous steps are involved in the case involving personal injuries. These steps include depositions, cross-examinations, getting the right documents, and requesting for information. One will have to deal with all these on their own. You will also have to deal with opposing council that will be sending you discovery request you will need to respond to promptly. When you handle the case on your own, it is easy to be swamped with paperwork, miss deadlines, and before you know it, you will have your case dismissed.


Lack of confidence


When you handle your case, you will not have the trust of a professional investigator like your opposing counsel. In fact, it is possible for the other party to have an entire time dedicated to investigate your case and disapprove your claim. They will put you down whatever chance that they get. Since they understand the law, they will use terms that you are not familiar with to confuse you and throw you off your game. Since you are on your own, you might not have a comeback from everything that will be thrown your way.


Not saving money


Representing yourself does not mean that you are saving money. That is because a lawyer working with you on such cases are usually on a contingency basis. Thus, this means that the money you pay for their legal fees will be a percentage of the settlement that you will end up getting. In case you do not win the case, then you will not have any legal fees to pay.


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